…and whilst we’re at it…

We had our first neighbourhood meeting last night about the construction of the washing station on the SNCF lines (that’s the French railway system).
For those that don’t know, this is my new evening view from the terrace:

Nice, isn’t it?

So there were about 30 of us all a bit pissed off with having this built just next to our houses.
Next meeting with the mayor and local MP hopefully.

LIAM – Mario Ace!

For weeks Liam has been asking that I add videos of him playing Mario Kart to ‘Google’…
Yes, I’ve explained that Google isn’t the place where we upload videos but it hasn’t sunk in.
So, I’ve promised that I’ll upload them to this site and hopefully create some links and backlinks so that the videos can be found by someone searching Google.

One of the guys at work did this sticker image for me, thanks Jerome!



UPDATE : This is Liam’s world record breaking cut (he is actually the fastest in the World, the game says so…)

Guy in France

Had a fantastic day with Guy yesterday.

Audrey, Liam & I picked him up from the airport at midday and we went to the Negresco Hotel for lunch. A three hour lunch with much talking, catching up and general merriment.

During the afternoon we wandered around Nice and the Old Town where Guy bought Audrey her birthday present. He also presented Liam with a small fortune so that we buy something and let Guy know what he’d bought.

We then went to St Paul de Vence to Guy’s chateau (!) and had a lovely Thai dinner in the village.

The three of us got home at 23h00; Cleo was well behaved during the day and we wern’t robbed (I left the french doors open so Cleo could get in and out at will).

This morning we left at 07h30 so that we could spend a bit more time with Guy.

All in all a lovely, lovely weekend!

Guy also cheered me up, which I need a bit of at the moment, so for that Mr Charrison I thank you!

Here are a couple of pictures of the evening at St Paul’s:

Liam, Audrey & Guy Guy and Audrey Liam & Guy Liam, Guy Audrey. 02/05/2015


Spending the first few days alone with Liam and Audrey.

Carine had the kids last Sunday through to Wednesday and I’ve had them from Wednesday until tomorrow evening when she comes back here for the second week of the school holidays.

We had good fun and at least they’re laughing and not moping.

Today we’re off to see Guy for the day in St Paul de Vence.

Audrey & Liam are very much looking forward to the day!!



Text Messages…now so formal.

Texting has been a way that Carine and I have communicated for those little things: ‘stop at shop and buy bread’; ‘going to see so-and-so’ etc. They’ve always ended with little hugs or kisses.

That seems to have stopped so I have to fall in line.

Silly to mention it but it another of those changes that you just didn’t see coming.


End of first weekend


Well we’ve managed our first weekend since the decision was made to split up. There were a couple of moments that were a bit too much for one and the other but overall it was done in the right spirit. We do, at least, speak about the separation when Audrey and Liam are not there to overhear.

We need to plan ahead and organize a variety of things and people to see.

To be honest living under the same roof is difficult and it might be that we take it in turns to spend a couple of days away from home to give the other a bit of peace. From experience I know that things can degenerate quickly under such conditions.

And yes, the question has been asked: the decision (from Carine’s part) is final!

More to follow.



Still wanting to keep in touch but doing a bad job really!