A surprise birthday present for me was a week in the UK after, I think, a six year absense.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time out to meet up with the family, especially Catherine for putting up with the four of us for a week, and Mike, Paul, Guy for their generous hospitality.

The kids loved it. Audrey has been before but is too young to remember it really. Liam is overwhelmed with Paul, his new hero! [God knows why]

Some of the photos are here:

Planning Permission

The local town hall has finally come through.
We can start to renovate this delapidated house.

Every room will have a make over. The garage will become a spare bedroom with en-suite shower room.
We’ll add a study and a utility room.

The outside terrace will be closed off to create a new veranda type dining room.

The kitchen will be completely replaced.

The bathroom will be completely replaced.

All bedroom walls and ceilings will be re-plastered.

All new floor tiles.

New doors and shutters.

Landscape garden and terrace.


Budget of 50.000€…

Pictures to follow.