Guy in France

Had a fantastic day with Guy yesterday.

Audrey, Liam & I picked him up from the airport at midday and we went to the Negresco Hotel for lunch. A three hour lunch with much talking, catching up and general merriment.

During the afternoon we wandered around Nice and the Old Town where Guy bought Audrey her birthday present. He also presented Liam with a small fortune so that we buy something and let Guy know what he’d bought.

We then went to St Paul de Vence to Guy’s chateau (!) and had a lovely Thai dinner in the village.

The three of us got home at 23h00; Cleo was well behaved during the day and we wern’t robbed (I left the french doors open so Cleo could get in and out at will).

This morning we left at 07h30 so that we could spend a bit more time with Guy.

All in all a lovely, lovely weekend!

Guy also cheered me up, which I need a bit of at the moment, so for that Mr Charrison I thank you!

Here are a couple of pictures of the evening at St Paul’s:

Liam, Audrey & Guy Guy and Audrey Liam & Guy Liam, Guy Audrey. 02/05/2015